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    Chris Shire

    I think there is reticence to contact consultants by some developers for two reasons, the costs and the implications around ownership of IP. But time to market is the key issue, a good consultant can make all the difference. Despite some people’s “NIH” attitude, I find it never hurts to ask. The key question is who should I ask? and what can I expect. Perhaps consultant who have worked with Jcard might like to post something.


    Colin Tanner

    Unfortunately ‘consultants’ sometimes get a bit of a bad reputation with regard to ‘day rate’ costs. There are a number of extremely good consultancies out there who charge between £400 – £1000 per day, the cost may appear very high, but with a well focused engagement, a consultant / consultancy can be extremely cost effective. There are however some very bad ‘consultants’ out there who will just bleed you dry, and delivery very little for their fee. For application development, its not a consultant you should be engaging, instead get a contractor, there are many around who specialize in smartcard application development, typically they range in price from £200-£600 per day. Smart-card applications are very specialist, so getting someone with experience of developing them will save time, and ensure you ultimately end up with something that actually works.

    So if smart-card systems are not your thing, use a consultant to get the the project validated, specification defined. You can then use your own in-house teams to develop the solution, potentially outsourcing to a contractor if an actual smart-card application is required (often its not). There are also companies out there that offer both services, consultancy and application development, day rate typically is defined by the type of work they are doing, but can give you a single point of contact which may help reduce project risks especially if you don’t have the in-house expertise to lead the project.

    I have seen very many projects fail in the past because people / companies did not understand the technology, so ensuring the project team has the right expertise is critical to success.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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